Is Betting Online a Legit Thing?

Something that I constantly get asked is whether or not betting on line is the real deal. So many people think that is a complete scam. They really don’t know what it entails and how to do it. So when I get this question I like to ask them how much they know about the topic or not. Some of them in a little bit so I don’t have to educate them as much. This is why I asked that.

Some people I’m going to have to walk them through a full lesson because there is a lot to know. There’s stuff to go such as what types of sites you should be using and what types of wages that are out there.

One thing you should utilize is a youtube channel. Not just any youtube channel. A freaking good youtube channel….You can visit now if you want to see a good one.


Because you want to be able to learn. You don’t want to just randomly go in there and try to figure it out for yourself. You might as well take a couple of hours to learn some good techniques.

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